4.28 release

Hi folks! The PocketGuard app has been updated. The new version is available to download!

What’s new?

Connect with Plaid

After analyzing your feedback and support inquiries, we decided to integrate a second data aggregation provider to improve overall accounts connectivity and expand the list of available financial institutions.

Couldn’t find your bank or had constant connection errors? Now, these problems can be resolved with our second data aggregation provider Plaid.

More information on how to use Plaid can be found here.

Edit pending transactions

Since PoсketGuard is used for our own budgeting needs, our team understands the inconvenience caused by the inability to edit pending transactions. We have explored possible solutions to this problem and are happy to announce that we have found the most optimal one. We will save your edited pending transactions so you can transfer their edited data into posted transactions at any time.

The beta testing of this feature has already started, and we are looking forward to your feedback.

You can read more about this feature here.

Improved list of custom categories

We have divided the category icons into groups and increased their number. Now, you can add more context to your categories by choosing more detailed icons.

You can find out how to create your own categories with the new icons in this article.

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