Great online educational solution

PocketGuard helps college students learn how to budget. The tool allows to get full control of your money, get insights on your spending, set budgeting goals, and cut expenses.

PocketGuard was graduated as one of the best money apps for college students in 2022

  • $200,000,000.00 have been saved with SMART-goals;
  • $500,000,000.00 debts have been paid off;
  • $1,500,000,000.00 expenses have been trimmed;

PocketGuard will teach how to allocate funds accordingly

Any student or graduate can get new tips on how to maximize their money every day.
All recommendations are listed and explained clearly, which makes them easy to understand and follow.

Manual tracking available

There is no need to connect bank accounts to use the product. We have all the necessary tools to go through every budgeting-related topic such as debts, savings, tracking expenses and more.

Finance management tuition

PocketGuard helps itemize them, set priorities, decide on a budget, and come up with the most effective individual budgeting strategy.

Collaboration built-in

A finance tutor and a student both can benefit from using PocketGuard. Students can learn more while professionals have access to in-depth statistics and analysis of their funds.

Budgeting for students

Your undergraduates can track various transactions both automatically and manually but still accurately.

Realize the value of every dollar spent

With the gained skills students will start planning both short-term and long-term expenses way better to avoid facing debts they cannot cover and other financial issues.

Boost financial literacy

PocketGuard allows college students to drastically reduce their spending. This educational tool is a perfect solution to boost financial literacy no matter how old a user is!

Best budgeting tool for college students

PocketGuard makes it possible to estimate how much a student may need for a dream home or car, showing the most effective ways to cut costs and plan budget smartly. The app will show the way to meet all financial goals for those who are still in college.

Debt payoff plan

To pay off debts students need a plan and discipline. We can help you with the first one, while college teachers train student financial discipline.

Graduate your learners with the practical debt payoff skills. Together, we will help them to move to a debt-free future.

PocketGuard for students

See a list of your scholars, their transaction history, upcoming bills & income, spendings by categories, and more. Help them make a personalized budget they would be able to stick to and pay their debts off. In addition, it is possible to assist with achieving financial objectives. Finally, that is a chance to graduate with budgeting skills that every modern person needs.

Feel our value

PocketGuard is a well-known personal finance management application. Thousands of people in the US and Canada use it to learn how to budget and find out where their money goes. It all allows users to start building their savings hassle-free.

Once you try it, you will like it

Once you try it, you will like it. Very clean organized app for Financing $ Budgeting 💪🤑🤑🤑🤑
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Best finance tracking app I've had

It’s a pretty great app! I am terrible with money and this has made it A LOT EASIER to track my expenses and see where my money goes. And it’s been pretty revealing! It’s made a huge differences in how and where I spend my money! Am gonna use this app for a long time going forward!
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App is super useful

App is super useful -- but what really set it apart in my experience is the customer support. I emailed support with a syncing issue and over the course of a month, PocketGuard kept me updated as it worked across a bunch of platforms to resolve the issue. Now it's working perfectly and I'm so appreciative of how helpful and communicative the team was!
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The budget system is the best

The budget system is the best and the customer support is top notch!
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This app fit perfectly for my budget and tracking everything

This app fit perfectly for my budget and tracking everything. Was really eaay to adjust and set goals ect. Great choice when ur starting to figure everhthing out!
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Awesome app

I’m used to looking at our monthly budget in 2D, and if I wanted to do any sort of analysis, I would have to do all the work, taking hours. This 3D app does the majority of the work for me so I can step back, look at where my money is going, and start making better decisions. I haven’t even seen everything it can do yet, very excited
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I really enjoy this app

I really enjoy this app. It puts things in categories with little maintenance on my part. I used to take up to three hours at the end of the month to do what this app does. Thankful to be able to manage my spending better.
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Love the budget categories

Love the budget categories that come with the premium
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Best finance app yet

I’ve used several finance apps - but PocketGuard takes the cake! It’s intuitive, super easy to use…exactly what to want!
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I never review apps but get this one.

Within 40 seconds of linking my account to this app, I was alerted to a recurring membership I never approved of and was able to get a full refund. I've barely used this app and it's already saved me $400. Install it.
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I'm surprised at how perfe fly it matches what I was looking for

I'm surprised at how perfe fly it matches what I was looking for. This is the perfect budgeting tool for me. Things like Mint or YNAB were OK, but this just makes sense out of the box.
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I would 100% recommend the premium upgrade

The budget service and app delivers on everything it promised, and the support for any issues has been super responsive. I would 100% recommend the premium upgrade.
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Better than Mint

Better interface, nice and simple. Able to see all bills outgoing and income in one pie. Used to be free, now cost $$, will wait to see if it goes on sale. Would highly recommend!
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Big fan!

I’ve used mint and every dollar. Every dollar is very clean looking, PocketGuard takes some getting used to. BUT, I’ve got to tell you, after taking a few days or so to get my feet wet to truly understand this app and learn how to navigate my way through it, I love it! My favorite features: – upcoming bills. It’s a feature that I have sorely been missing,Knowing what bills are coming up and when is key for making sure I’ve got enough money in the bank to avoid overdraft payments. Super easy the way I have it set up, on the overview page I have a section that includes all my fixed costs for the month, easy to see and easy to categorize. Makes it super easy to budget what I have left over. - hashtags.I love the hashtags, never been easier to see how much I spent on back to school stuff , on my recent vacation, etc. -Love the easy comparison from one month to the next to see if I spent more than less than the previous month in a particular category. There’s more, but suffice it to say that I found the app that works for me. My only qualm is that I wish you could customize the color scheme. I’d like a lighter color scheme.
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Awesome !

Great app ! Helped me when I was overwhelmed when keeping track of all my bills. Only complain is that sometimes it took about a day for the app to update how much money I had in my accounts. Other than that it was perfect !
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Best app I've found

Can’t explain in words how helpful this app has been in helping me keep track of all my expenses and all of income, cash, cash app, Venmo, my car payMents and the way it’s affecting my budgets and what I should and shouldn’t be budgeting for.
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We love it!

My husband and I love this app so much! ❤️ It helps us keep track of our finances and unwanted subscriptions. We will continue to use this app from here on out for our household
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Everything I need in one place!!!

I love this app- as a minimalist I’ve been wanting something like this for years. Finally in one glance I can see how I’m doing, adjust, and plan! The customer service is also amazing- one of my credit cards wouldn’t link up and the PocketGuard team worked on solving the problem for days and fixed it! Great communication, very kind team. I highly recommend!!
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Teachers and professors should care about students. Thus, it is a good idea to help them maintain their financial health. Sign a contract with PocketGuard. Let’s build budgeting tuition programs and increase overall financial literacy together!