Transaction insights

Budget and expense tracking is just a part of the story. If you wanna do money management the right way, you need to learn from the data you track.

Get the entire picture of your transactions, learn about your spending habits, and make necessary adjustments. PocketGuard insights reports are made to see a budget from another side.

Learn more about your habits

Analyze transactions broken down by category to understand your spending habits better. Get a comprehensive spending overview and see how much you’ve spent in total.

Make necessary adjustments

Let PocketGuard show how you’re doing compared to the previous months. See the list of all categories and make adjustments to your spending. Save your money based on historical data and expense analytics.

See personal finances from different angles

Hashtags may come in handy to track specific expenses or assets, such as vacations or hobbies.

Let's say you buy coffee every morning. Each time you purchase it, the transaction goes to the "Eating out" category. However, once in a while, you may treat yourself with a Pumpkin Spice Latte which costs more than twice as much as your normal coffee, and your “Eating out” spending goes beyond limits. It makes sense to track your specialty latte consumption with the hashtag #PSL to find out how much this little whim costs you monthly.

Custom spending reports

Review your spending by the merchant or custom category and optimize your budget accordingly. There is always room for savings. We recommend checking your weekly report every Monday.

Impressive spending categories

PocketGuard offers a long list of default categories so that you can spread your expenses into many pockets, such as “Groceries” or “Auto & Transport.” Feel free to create custom categories to build personalized reports and include unusual expenses.

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