Suspicious transactions monitoring

There’s a high chance your personal anti-fraud detect engine could save your money. Review suspicious activity that our smart algorithm detects and notify your bank about it. Safeguard your finances.

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Protect your assets

Don't get scammed. Contact your bank on time.

Be informed

Get notifications once we see anything suspicious.

Create your own blacklist

Help us to help you! Build your own fraud blacklist.

Get notified about antifraud results

Suspicious activity monitoring might show potentially fraudulent operations that eat too much of your budget. Get your antifraud tool right in PocketGuard. The sooner you identify fraudulent activity, the better. Our job is to help you in this matter.

Fast antifraud tool

Get your antifraud solution in minutes by connecting your bank accounts. We analyze your financial data every day and notify you once we find anything suspicious.

Suspicious activity monitoring

Suspicious transaction monitoring is the process of investigating, detecting, blacklisting, and reporting a customer's banking history when it indicates possible illegal behavior. Any operation whose value is inconsistent with our database and the categorization engine will be marked as suspicious.

Blacklist fraudulent activity

Confirm a fraud status for the reviewed suspicious activity. All fraudulent operations will be added to your blacklist, so we can notify you once a similar activity is identified in the future. Create a personalized database that will guard your financial data.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know there are suspicious activity identified?

Once PocketGuard detects suspicious activity, you will receive an email and in-app notification. All you have to do is connect your bank accounts, and PocketGuard will do the rest.

What should I do with suspicious transactions?

You should review the detected suspicious activity and confirm the fraud status. In case of fraud, you should immediately contact your bank.

What are my next steps once I confirm fraud transactions?

Fraud operations must be reported to your financial institution immediately. In most cases, banks offer debit fraud protection and must refund the money as long as the customer follows the bank's fraud reporting procedures in a timely manner. Our job is to have you pay attention to any suspicious activity as soon as possible.

Why do I need Blacklist? What is it for?

The transactions you marked with the “Fraud” stamp will be added to your Blacklist. The Blacklist helps PocketGuard better analyze your financial data and identify fraudulent activity in the future more accurately.

How can I get the list of all fraudulent activities?

You can sort the list of all suspicious data on the Transactions tab by entering “suspicious” in the search field.

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