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Seamlessly control your money, bills and budget from a single place.

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Available for Android smartphones
Available for iPhone

Bank-level security.

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Your data is protected with 128-BIT SSL encryption. We establish a read-only connection to your bank, so nobody, not even you, can move money from your account using PocketGuard.


It's easy.

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PocketGuard simplifies budgeting by automatically calculating your monthly expenses and income and using this data to determine exactly how much you can safely spend before payday.

  • Smart forecasting technology.
    Using cutting edge predictive analytic algorithms, PocketGuard precisely forecasts your financial future based on your history and spending patterns.
  • Total automation.
    PocketGuard makes budgeting fun by doing all of the boring stuff for you. Everything, from bill reminders and income detection, to due date notifications, is 100% automated.
Available for Android smartphones
Available for iPhone
Available for Android smartphones
Available for iPhone

It's convenient.

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Every account and expense is clearly categorized and displayed on one page. Get effortless insight into your income and spending including bills and recurring subscriptions.

  • Multiple accounts.
    Track all of your checking, credit and saving accounts from one place.
  • Smart notifications.
    Never miss a due date again! But don't worry — we hate spam as much as you do, so with our configurable notifications, you'll only receive the information you want.

What others say about PocketGuard

  • Kills the competition!

    by jdub812

    "I was referred to this app in a review after Level Money started to screw up. There were a few issues in the beginning that were a little frustrating, but I emailed the company about them and got a response QUICKLY saying that the fixes were being addressed in an upcoming update... and they were. Having the ability to see how I'm doing on finances daily up to the minute is so nice!!! There is little to no delay in a swipe of the card and seeing it calculated in your pocket..."

  • Definitely replacing my current finance app

    by Nathan218

    "I've been using this app for maybe 10 minutes and already know that it is going to be a great replacement for my current finance app. Unlike my current finance app, PocketGuard is smooth, polished, and optimized for the iPhone 6 Plus too. I like that the app makes it so easy to categorize my expenses, if I even need to (the auto-categorization function works great)..."


    by SimpleIX

    "I have tried so many budgeting apps, but this one takes the cake... So well designed and easy to use. Shows projections and daily budgets plus future bills all in an easy interface!! Amazing!!"

  • Perfect App for keeping track of your finances

    by Jody Sharkbait

    "This app does for the Apple Watch what Mint does not. Actually give you a comprehensive look at all of your finances!"