Personal finance simplified

Whether you want to track your spending, make a budget or lower your bills, with PocketGuard you can spend more time living, while staying on top of your finances

See the big picture

See the big picture

Simply link your credit cards, checking and savings accounts, investments and loans, to see all your finances in one place.

Be aware of your spending

Be aware of your spending

We update and categorize your transactions as they happen, to help you understand where your money goes and discover opportunities to save.

Know what's safe to spend

Know what's safe to spend

Spend confidently with "in my pocket" — the money left over after you've paid all bills, and set aside some money for savings.

Put your budget on autopilot

Put your budget on autopilot

PocketGuard automatically builds a personalized budget, based on your income, bills and goals you set.

Discover simple ways to save

Discover simple ways to save

We'll crunch the numbers to find ways to save you money and improve your financial health, like negotiating lower bills, getting high interest savings account and more.