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PocketGuard has all the features for successful budgeting, spending insights and savings growth. Start your business with a PocketGuard white label software to bring the best for your clients.

Your Brand.
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Deliver efficient financial management services to your clients under your own brand with our white-label solution.

White label the PocketGuard to give your clients access to a user-friendly iOS/Android app, enabling them to manage their finances more effectively than ever before.

Differentiate your business: stand out from the crowd

Stand out in a crowded market by providing your customers with a customized financial management tool branded under your business name.

Better finance management for your clients

Provide clients with access to richer financial data, enabling them to manage income and expenses more efficiently and achieve their financial goals.

Boost your growth & revenue: achieve business expansion

Expand your client base and improve their financial health with our user-friendly interface under your brand. Keep track of their financial decisions and provide tailored advice.

Become a white label partner

Sign up for a White Labeled account, branded as your very own.

Give your customers all-in-one tool for budget management.

Improve their financial health with all features of PocketGuard.

White label meaning

Don’t waste your time by crafting a solution from scratch

Get a highly customizable software developed from A to Z.


It’s simple and quick to brand

Waste no single minute on R&D. Come up with innovative ways to improve your business with PocketGuard white label solution. After the purchase, you can add your own logo and brand.


It makes your consumers happy

Potential clients may choose other alternatives on the market. Prepared solutions can prevent you from losing customers. Vice versa, you’ll expand the customer base faster than ever.


Focus on core competencies

Don’t risk losing time for core activities while dedicating plenty of attention to secondary tasks. Prepackaged solutions allow you to put your trust in the professionals in the field. Avoid common pitfalls and speed up all processes in general.


It will save your valuable resources

You will need plenty of resources and time needed for things like planning, design, MVP development, building, and evaluating. When time is of the utmost importance and you must act quickly, selecting a ready white label solution is the best decision.

We sell a complete financial solution

Become a PocketGuard partner and spread your services among thousands of customers.