Boost your budgeting with new approach

PocketGuard is here to help you and show the right way to your financial wellness. Understand how much money you can afford to spend. Get notified whenever you spend 50%, 75% of your budget or go over it to prevent yourself from running out of cash. Analyze your budget history and manage your money with ease.

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Take control of your wallet

You should start with creating a zero-based budget. It’s vital to allocate a portion of money from your income wisely. We’ll keep track of the numbers and notify you before overspending. You can follow any budgeting rule you want, such as 50-30-20.

Budgeting tool that pays off!

Create unlimited categories to track what matters to you. With their help, consumers can set priorities and avoid buying useless stuff. Do not consider categories that do not matter - exclude any of them from calculation so that you have a clearer picture. Group expenses by adding #hashtags.

Keep tabs on your spending with the budget tracker

Keeping an eye on all transactions is a challenge. PocketGuard can do that for you to minimize your headache. Developing a separate budget for such categories can assist with saving more money. Our tool helps to create a budget tailored to your needs!

Money budget planner

The next important step is spreading those categories that you come up along with your bills among sections by purpose. Thus, you can group gas and water bills with your home supplies budget. Recommendations are simple: know how much you spend monthly and stick to this number. Meanwhile, we will find more ways for savings that will work for you.

Budgeting as a service

PocketGuard is a complete budgeting solution for those who want to be on top of their money. Our app’s official budget website offers more detailed info on how you’re doing. You can also download our mobile budget apps from PocketGuard to track finances daily.

Frequently asked questions

How to boost your budgeting with PocketGuard?

PocketGuard offers multiple ways to look at your budget from different angles and increase your budgeting experience. You can set limits on the most frequently used categories to stop overspending, build a personal repayment plan to take control of your debts, check comprehensive analytics of your spending, set goals to achieve your desires, and more.

Adventages of PocketGuard budgeting tool

Our team conducted research and found the most common budgeting issues: calculating the money that can be safely spent and the problem of repaying existing debts. To resolve these problems, we designed the "In My Pocket" and "Debt Payoff Plan" features. The first analyzes your monthly income & expenses and shows the amount you are free to spend, while the second builds a personal repayment plan to help you become debt-free.

What types of budgeting can I follow with PocketGuard?

In PocketGuard, you can use the three most common budgeting techniques: envelope, zero-based, and 50/30/20 budgeting.

How to customize my budget based on my needs?

You can customize your budget by grouping your expenses into sections on the Plan tab. Create as many sections as you need and group your bills, budgets, and goals according to your needs to get a clear view of your monthly budget.

How to name sections in my monthly budget plan?

We recommend naming your sections according to the source of your expenses. This will help you divide your monthly plan into natural parts. For example, you can name your section "House" and fill it in with your utility bills and home and grocery budgets to see the total amount spent on things related to your house. However, these are just recommendations, and you can name the sections as you wish.

Can I track only recurring bills in my budget?

Sure thing. All you have to do is add all necessary recurring bills and do not set spending limits for categories.