Personalized budget categorization

PocketGuard analyzes transactions and applies categorization based on the description. With the wide list of transaction categories, you can easily rename or re-categorize your activities or even create custom categories and hashtags.

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Organize budget plan the right way

Add important details to your financial data with a wide list of budgeting tools.

Categories & Merchants

Change transaction merchant name and apply the right category. You can choose from the default list of categories or create a custom category.

Hashtags & Details

Go to transaction details in order to make some notes, attach an image, change date or add a hashtag. You are able to exclude a transaction from calculations.

Cash transactions

Manage your cash operations by creating cash transactions manually. You are able to duplicate cash transactions and create cash transfers as well.

Split transactions

Split your transaction into different categories to be able to catch every detail of your spending. Use split transactions to divide your income by source.

Track categories & use hashtags

Monitor your spending with purchases organized in categories. Use automated categorization or create your own categories in PocketGuard.

For even more customization, use #hashtags to group transactions and expenses by purpose. Hashtags are as useful as categorization. See how much you spend on activities, like vacations or yoga. With hashtags you can easily build custom reports of your money flow.

See each transaction details

PocketGuard automatically captures ATM withdrawals and deposits and prompts you to match them with cash transactions. You can categorize purchases by priority using #hashtags, like groceries or clothing, to stay on top of your budget.

PocketGuard also notifies you when you’re charged a fee and highlights those transactions in red. Additionally, you can attach images to transactions to add more details, like a receipt or location.

Split transactions

Splitting a transaction may come in handy when you share a rent payment with a roommate, go for dinner with a friend, or want to break down that $100 spent at Target into numerous classes for easier management and control of your finances.

Splits are treated like regular transactions. You can associate a split with a bill by changing its merchant name, associate it with the manual goal contribution, add a note or #hashtag, or mark a split as "Don't count".

Frequently asked questions

What is transaction categorization?

Categorization is part of transaction customization that helps you to add the necessary context to your transactions.

How to categorize transactions in PocketGuard?

In PocketGuard, we use auto-categorization that is based on the transaction description. If the auto-categorization was wrong or you just want to apply the other category to your transaction, you can do this through the transaction details.

How to give every dollar a job in PocketGuard and follow zero-based budgeting?

To use zero-based budgeting in PocketGuard, you should spread all of your monthly income across recurring bills, category budgets, and goals.

How to setup sections and categories in my budget?

The two most common ways to set up your budget are by spending type and purpose. The first method involves creating sections by type of expenses, such as recurring bills, budgets, goals, and debts. The second, on the other hand, involves creating sections based on spending purposes such as home spending, transportation, family, etc.

Can I use budget subcategories in PocketGuard?

We do not have subcategories. However, you can group your expenses by type using sections on the Plan tab. Just create a specific section and fill it in with the expenses of the same type. This section will act as the main category and show you the total amount of all included items.

For example, you can create the "House" section and fill it in with groceries, home, and shopping budgets.

Custom categories and ways to use them in my budget

The custom categories feature is a good tool to make your budget as detailed as possible. If you want to separate your Starbucks and Amazon expenses from others, just create the respective categories, and you get a clear picture of your spending.

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