Personalize budget categorization

PocketGuard automatically analyzes transactions pulled from your financial institution and applies categorization based on the description. With the wide list of transaction categories it’s easy to rename or re-categorize your financial activities in a blink of an eye. By the way, creating custom categories and applying them to the same charges in the future is possible as well.

Track categories

It’s vital to keep an eye on how much you buy, meaning spend. One of the ways to do so is to track categories. Users have two options. They may either rename and re-categorize expense categories to suit their needs or leave default options. You can do that all with a single feature known as categorization. Our special tool for financial intelligence allows seeing spending totals across all of your accounts and categories.

Add hashtags

Want to customize more than just categories? Build custom reports with #hashtags. That filtering system is just as helpful as categorization of your spending. Group your expenses and any other transactions under the purpose by adding hashtags in whatever way you want it. It’s super simple to see how much money you invest in different types of activities like vacation or yoga.

See all the details

PocketGuard automatically captures ATM withdrawal or deposit and asks to match them with cash transactions. Setting a budget has never been easier before! Hashtags will help to categorize things you purchase by priority. For instance, necessities that include groceries, clothing, and gifts. By grouping all goodies under the purpose by using #hashtags, you start managing your budget way easier. We even notify you when you get hit with a fee and mark such transactions red.

And one more thing.

You can attach images to your transactions to add more details such as receipt, location or a picture from the event.

How to split a transaction

Splitting a transaction may come in handy when you share a rent payment with a roommate, go for dinner with a friend, or want to break down that $100 spent at Target into numerous classes for easier management and control of your finances.

Splits are treated like regular transactions. You can associate a split with a bill by changing its merchant name, add a note or #hashtag or mark a split as "Don't count".

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