Our mission

Simplify people’s financial life by helping them to take control of their finances and make the right decisions to accomplish their dreams

Customer feedback

At PocketGuard, we believe the right customer service is a key concept of any successful product. That’s why our customers and their feedback are top-notch for decision-making.

Product quality

Great financial tools bring the right financial habits that allow you to get out of debt, achieve goals and get to financial freedom. Such products change the way how people think and make decisions.

Simplify difficult

Budgeting isn’t that hard if you use the tool made by the team who is willing to help and simplify your financial life. We nudge our customers to make the right decisions that would bring value and empower their financial life.

Budget different

Our customers are able to customize their own budgeting view with simple advice. No budgeting patterns or limitations. Life is flexible and anyone can build any budget based on their needs.

What our team consists of?

Humanity. We're a united team of hedonists, musicians, animal lovers, and pizza enthusiasts passionate about improving the lives of everyday people. Our goal is to bring more value to our customers by giving simple answers to difficult budgeting questions.

$40 million+

Lowered in bills

$900 million+

Saved in goals

$90 million+

Paid off in debts

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