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PocketGuard is a leading North American data network and personal finance API platform designed to help you boost acquisition, retention, and create new revenue streams.

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PocketGuard API benefits

New Revenue Streams

By monetizing the service via subscriptions.

Loyalty & Satisfaction

With the powerful personal finance tools.

Attract & Retain

By adding budgeting and tracking capabilities.

Transaction Insights

By tailoring your services based on the transaction data.

Understand your customers

The PocketGuard personal finance API platform allows you to analyze financial data such as account balances and transaction details to bring more value to your business, and tailor new offers that satisfy your current audience and attract new clients.

Control every process in one place

You can integrate PocketGuard personal finance API directly into your product to create your own financial management ecosystem, customized according to your own needs. This is available for apps, websites, and any other touchpoint.

Use cases

Engage your customers with personal finance management solutions.

Transaction Management


Financial Goals

Bank Accounts Syncing


In My Pocket Calculation

Debt Payoff Planning

Recurring Payments

Transaction management

Transaction management is made fun and easy. Categorize your transactions and apply automatic rules. Add notes and images. Build custom reports with #hashtags.


Support your customers as they create a personalized budget based on their specific categories and financial needs. You can easily tailor and adjust the budget using the platform’s intuitive interface.

Financial goals

Set up multiple goals using the SMART technique and track your progress and contributions to fit your budget. Whether planning for a short-term or long-term objective, it's critical to have a clear aim for your platform and clients.

Bank accounts syncing

Your customers will be able to connect with 18,000 financial institutions and synchronize their account balances and transactions in real-time. From checking to investments, all through a single API.


The PocketGuard personal finance API allows you to create automatic categorization rules based on description and category. You can then analyze this data to tailor more offers that cover your clients' needs.

In My Pocket calculation

The PocketGuard personal finance API platform analyzes hundreds of data points to predict spending patterns and provide insights after covering necessities such as bills, subscriptions, categories, goals, and debt payments.

Debt payoff planning

Help your customers to define a plan for a debt-free future. PocketGuard API allows customers to set up a debt payoff strategy within their budget and create a personalized schedule to track payment cycles until they’re debt-free.

Recurring payments

Once customers connect their accounts PocketGuard can analyze their recurring merchants to predict paychecks, bills, utilities, and subscriptions. Customized notifications, scheduled payments, and reminders help them stay on track.

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PocketGuard is an all-in-one budgeting platform that brings together everything you need to optimize your finances.