14 Times Spending Less Can Cost You More

We are all trying to stretch our dollars, but there are times when it is okay to spend a little extra can actually save your money. Many super-cheap items just won’t last as long, or won’t even work at all. So for the person who has a hard time parting from every penny, here are 14 times when opening your wallet is the right move.

1) Cosmetic surgery — Medical tourism is on the rise. The promise of comparable quality in Mexico or India can seem alluring, but before you book the ticket, there are several things to consider. The first is that you only have one body, so if you really do plan some major adjustments, you want to be sure that they will be done right. When done right, the results can be exactly what you hoped for and quite a low risk. If done wrong, you could end up paying for it for the rest of your life in multiple high-cost repair surgeries or even worse.

2) Laser eye surgery — It is no coincidence that the top two items are about your body. Your eyes are your most important sense. Protect them. If you can’t afford to get the best technology available, you are better off waiting that getting blinded by a great deal.

3) Tattoos — A well placed tattoo can be a work of art. But a poorly done tattoo can leave you scared for life. If you want to have something to remember for the rest of your life, you are better off, not making it a symbol of when you cheaped out after a few too many drinks.

4) Keyboard — If you spend all day working on your computer, make it a good experience by spending that extra $20 on a really nice keyboard.

5) Work/Study Chair — Work should support your life. If you are going to sit in a chair all day, you want to be sure that you can stand up and enjoy life. You likely spent $200,000 on your home or office, why not spend an extra $200 for the place you will spend one-third of your day.

6) Professional Advice — Sure you can look up tricks to saving money for free online, but when it comes to professional medical, legal or financial advice you should pay an experienced professional. There is no way for you to learn enough on your own to compare to their experience.

7) Running shoes — Forest Gump may not have been a smart man, but even he knew the importance of using good shoes. If you are in a profession that requires you to be on your feet a lot, this is more important than your office chair. That is not to say that you need to spend $200 on your shoes, but you definitely need to spend more than $10 at Walmart.

8) Bed — Considering you spend (or should spend) one third of your life in a bed, this is one area you shouldn’t feel guilty spending a little extra money on. Getting a poor night sleep is linked to weight gain, hypertension, irritability, memory issues, and lack of coordination, to hair loss and vision problems. So don’t skimp on a good bed, comforter, and great pillows. A very comfortable mattress won’t cost more than $1500, and, considering it will come with a 25 year guarantee, that works out to less than 15 cents per day! Nothing else you invest that little money in will have a more positive impact on your performance and your life.

9) Good camera — If you are willing to spend money to see beautiful places, you might as well spend a little extra to remember them. You can get a decent camera for $100, and an amazing one for $500. That little investment can mean the difference between sharing your pictures and simply saving them in a folder you never look at again.

10) Safety equipment — Safety has become one of the highest priorities in recent years. Spending the money to actually protect your eyes, hands, heads and children is worth it. If you can’t afford to do a job safely, you can’t afford to risk doing it at all. Spend the money on goggles, gloves, helmets and child seats.

11) Kitchen knives — A sharp knife is faster, cleaner and safer. And a good knife is not that much more than a cheap one. Even an extra $30 can save your back and your fingers.

12) Paint — If you are going to go through the trouble of painting, you might as well do it right. A good paint means the difference between having to go through it all again in a year or a decade.

13) Alcohol — This is one of those areas that you can easily go overboard on. But, most people can’t tell the difference between a$10 or $100 bottle of wine. They can, however, tell if it came from a carton. So, unless your only goal is to drink enough to forget what you drank, then spend that little extra on a micro-brewed beer or bottle of wine that doesn’t have a giraffe on the label.

14) Condoms — The Average cost of raising a child in America is now $245,000. It doesn’t matter what risk calculator you are using, this is not worth a potential break. Go to the store, buy the box and check the expiry.

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