4.30 release
Nov 24, 2022, PocketGuard

Hi everyone! We just launched PocketGuard new version. Read below what we’ve done. What’s new? “Savings goals” feature update – We’ve integrated the SMART framework into the goals setup process.

4.28 release
Jul 27, 2022, PocketGuard

Hi folks! The PocketGuard app has been updated. The new version is available to download! What’s new? Connect with Plaid After analyzing your feedback and support inquiries, we decided to integrate

Black Friday Survival Tips
Nov 05, 2021, PocketGuard

Black Friday Survival Tips and Tricks Oh, Black Friday! The day you’re probably waiting for to get your hands on that cool TV, or perhaps that cozy bed at the

4 Tips for Filing Your Taxes
Feb 12, 2019, PocketGuard

Many Americans are familiar with the overwhelming struggle and stress that tax season brings. There’s paperwork to keep track of, numbers to crunch, and strategy involved in paying your contributions

The Newbie’s Guide to PocketGuard
Jun 27, 2018, PocketGuard

How to use PocketGuard? Step 1: Connect accounts and set up recurring payments 💰 First of all, you need to connect your checking, credit, and savings accounts, as this is what makes