Black Friday Survival Tips

Black Friday Survival Tips and Tricks

Oh, Black Friday! The day you’re probably waiting for to get your hands on that cool TV, or perhaps that cozy bed at the lowest price ever. Whatever it is, you probably aren’t the only one eyeing it; there are millions of hungry eyes watching too, eagerly waiting to lay their hands on it come Black Friday. The shopping fever always hits its peak during this time, and you definitely can’t afford to miss Black Friday deals, right? This article will give you some Black Friday survival tips and tricks so you know how to survive Black Friday in 2021.

How to survive Black Friday: 10 Black Friday survival tips and tricks!

1. Plan your shopping trip

Planning your trip tops the Black Friday rules of survival. There are a few things you need to consider before you head out: which items do you need the most, and which stores are you going to buy from. Check your retailer’s website and social media platforms for updates and product availability. Make your shopping list and see where you’ll be buying each item, so you can map out your route effectively. Consider your method of payment, whether you’ll be using cash or a credit card. The earlier you plan your day, the more organized you will be when Black Friday finally sets in.

2. Get plenty of sleep

Replenish your energy with a good night’s sleep. You’ll allow your body and mind to recharge, leaving you alert and refreshed, ready to delve into the Black Friday sales. Lack of sleep can impair your capabilities to think clearly and you might end up shopping for unnecessary items. Sleep, dear friends, is one of the best Black Friday shopping secrets to get you all fired up.

3. Start your shopping early

The earliest bird always gets the fattest worm! Most stores will be open bright and early on Black Friday. The best deals are more likely to be snapped up first thing in the morning. You’d better put on your comfortable clothes and brace yourself for a crazy run as early as possible because it will get crazy. But it’s a good thing you are reading this guide on how to survive Black Friday, so no doubt, you’ll be safe.

4. Shop with friends to find deals

As the rule goes, divide and conquer! Split up your team so you can go through different aisles or departments at the same time. As you go through the electronics section, someone will be heading for the cosmetics, or sneakers, or anything on your list. If you’re shopping online, you can add a list of items to a friend’s shopping cart or wish list in advance. And better yet, the more the merrier! It’s always fun to shop with a friend around.

5. Stick to your budget

A one-time Black Friday sale is usually hard to resist, and you’ll probably get tempted to grab every item you see at an incredibly reduced price. The best way to avoid overspending is to make a list of items (that you truly need), prioritize them and stick to what you can afford. Don’t buy the stuff you might never use simply because there is a 50% or 60% discount. It’s never a good idea to buy on impulse. Before you pick up any item, ask yourself, do I really, really need this?

6. Price check before you buy

When shopping for your items, just do a quick check to see if the price isn’t lowered in another store. There are some online price comparison apps like Amazon. Keep your phone in hand too, so you can check stores’ websites for price references and ensure you’re getting the best out of the Black Friday sale.

7. Keep safe

There have been a few deaths and injuries recorded on Black Friday. People go all crazy on this day, but there is definitely no deal worth having if you’re injured as a result. Avoid putting yourself under a lot of pressure. Just keep calm and relax. If you suspect a stampede might be brewing, take a step back and move to where it’s safer.

8. Shop online

Ditch the long queues and door-busting and shop online. Some stores will keep your purchase for a couple of days so you can pick it up later. Check your store’s website for more information. There will probably be better deals online this year so as not to attract a large number of crowds due to COVID-19.

9. Check the returns policy

Make sure you read and understand every fine detail of a product before you purchase. Some stores may offer a very short return period so it’s highly advisable that you thoroughly check in case you later find a defect or the size doesn’t fit. And another thing, don’t lose track of your receipts just because you are in a rush to buy. You might want to return it, and without a receipt, we all know that’s impossible.

10. Keep in mind that not everything is really a deal

Sometimes retailers will put a price tag written massive discount just to catch your eye, but is it really a discount? Check for the item’s original price and compare it with the discount to see if it’s really what they say it is. The Black Friday price might just be the same as the original one.

These are some of the Black Friday tips. No matter what happens on the day, remember to enjoy yourself. After all, Black Friday only comes once a year.


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