9 Must Hear Podcasts on Money Debt and Investing

Trying to get a handle on your finances? Not sure where to invest your hard earned savings? If you don’t feel like you can afford a financial adviser there are plenty of excellent podcasts you can enjoy making your commute more useful:

1) Stacking Benjamins

As a former financial planner Joe, the host, has a long list of people who he has helped get out of debt or who have built great wealth. As a working-class hero, those might seem out of reach, but after just a few episodes, you will realize that by taking consistent baby steps, you can take control of your life too.

Target: Real personal finance success stories with practical advice.

2) You Need a Budget

This practical podcast focuses on helping listeners stop the debt-cycle and start making every dollar count. It focuses on having a budget and sticking to it. It is a great way to motivate yourself by listening to what other families are doing in the real world to make things better.

Target: Practical budgeting advice and motivation.

3) Entrepreneur On Fire

This on-point podcast for budding entrepreneurs runs seven days a week with its host John Lee Dumas. Every episode features a successful entrepreneur who has been through the inevitable failures that create the necessary «aha!» moment. At the end of each episode is a lightning round of takeaway messages that can be applied to any venture.

Target: Entrepreneurs on the path to success.

4) Money With Farnoosh Torabi

Farnoosh Torabi has a way of not only making finances interesting, but all of her guests interesting as well. As such, she is able to focus on specific topics for each episode such as how to save money for a baby. Because it runs five times a week, it will take you weeks or months just to catch up. On the other hand, if you have a specific topic in mind, you will likely find it there.

Target: Specific topics and financial advice.

5) Bigger Pockets Podcast

If you are into real estate investing, this is your go-to podcast. The founder of Bigger Pockets, Josh Dorkin, and Brandon Turner provide excellent real estate investing tips and resources. They also stay current by bringing in real estate investors who can share their personal experiences on the full array of investing strategies.

Target: Real estate investing.

6) The Dave Ramsey Show

Dave Ramsey is known around the finance world, and his podcast is one of the most listened to ever. He sticks to the basics of getting out of debt and saving money. More than 8 million people follow his weekly show on more than 500 radio stations across the country. It features advice, call-ins from listeners and special guests.

Target: general practical financial advice.

7) Like a Mother with Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson is known as the Wealthy Single Mommy blogger. Her direct, and often blunt, advice can be hard to swallow, but is always on the mark. She moves past the pink balloons and sugar candy to ask the hard questions about balancing work, family life, relationships, money and career. If you want it all, this is where you might find the most honest and practical answers. Or, at least better understand the questions.

Target: Single mothers who want it all.

8) Marketplace

If you crave up-to-date financial intel Marketplace offer daily news on current major finance and business topics. It covers everything from stock ticker news to major marketplace announcements and reports on housing and credit. The host also often brings experts onto the show and wraps things up in Marketplace Weekend for a lazy Sunday in your hammock.

Target: Major finance and business news.

9) Planet Money

It can be frustrating to be thrown around in the financial storms without having the big picture. Planet Money focuses on the global picture of money and financial systems. Maybe it won’t directly explain how to save money for college, but it can explain exactly why it costs too much, or why your clothes were made in Malaysia.
There are fascinating stories bring abstract economic theories to life, making them entertaining and easy to understand.

Target: The big Picture.

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