Savings tips
How to save money for vacation
May 28, 2015, Dmitry Savransky

Saving for vacation is much like rearranging your ‘money behavior’ to accommodate your desires. When a lot of people think about taking a holiday, they mostly don’t assume that they

Financial literacy
How To Lose All Your Money
May 19, 2015, Oleksandr Bulavin

1. Throw away your junk mail without looking at it. If you are like most Americans you will get invitations to apply for new credit every week. Some of these

Financial literacy
USA Banking History
May 14, 2015, Dmitry Savransky

A History of Banking in the US The nature of this institution in the US has evolved. From the old skeleton meant to monitor American taxes and pay foreign debts rose

Personal finance
How Financially Fit Are You?
May 07, 2015, Vladyslav Sukhovyi

Fitness clubs are never more popular than December when determined hopefuls return again with dreams that this year will be the year that they get into shape. Most people want